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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hello everyone, 

On Saturday we were wandering around the shops in Southampton and realised, as you do halfway through a busy day, that we were ravenous! Neither of us particularly fancied anything major and we weren't in the mood for savoury food either. Tricky...then I remembered this fabulous little place called Ebb and Flow. 

It is tucked away at the top of the high street, but it always seems really busy. It is quite boutique with a very kitschy-hipster vibe to it. The furniture is very eclectic with lots of rough painted wood, floral patterns and pastel themes. Sounds perfect right? Here are some of the many photos I took, it was so tempting to just keep snapping away! 

 Gorgeous floral pattern! 

 This mirror was so trippy...

"What about the food?!" I hear you all shouting. I went for some thick, buttery, American style pancakes with liberal dollops of honey and juicy blueberries. Mr.Gingersnap went for pancakes too, but he had un-smoked, back bacon to go with his honey...sounds gross, but it's so yummy! The pancakes hit the spot perfectly and it was such a lovely atmosphere in there. To drink I had a delicious Sloe Lemonade Posh Pop from Breckland orchard and he had an extra creamy cappuccino. 

If you ever find yourself hungry and wanting to inject some style into your usual routine, check out Ebb and Flow here. I can't wait for my next excuse to go there and try more of their food, my bestie better watch out, she'll be being summoned for a girly day soon!

What is your favourite spot for pancakes? Let me know in the comments below :-) 


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