Star Wars Day Makeup

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hello everyone! 

Today is May 4th, and we all know that means it’s Star Wars Day! Yes that is nerdy, and no I’m not really into Star Wars, but Mr.Gingersnap, like most men, is a fan. So I am being a supportive girlfriend and trying to get into things he likes too. The best way to do that here is through makeup! I have come up with two different makeup looks for you guys today, both of them using the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette.

These looks are so simple, this is all you need! 

The first look is more of a day time style, I have tried to channel the whole desert, sandy, jedi vibe for this. After I’ve done my whole face of makeup, apart from eyes and lips, I’ll pat some Benefit Air Patrol eyeshadow primer onto my lids. The first colour I like to use is Divinity as a base, it’s a lovely creamy colour to sweep across the whole lid. Then I’ll take my number one favourite Almond Truffle and curve it over the whole crease of my upper eyelids. This shade is so beautiful, I adore the mauve tone to it! Next I’ll pat the warm, sparkly Molasses Chip onto the outer and middle sections of my lids. I then use this same colour to line my lower lashes. Next I’ll dab Satin Sheets into the inner corner of my lids to lighten my eyes and make them look more intense. Then it’s onto the blending stage, do this gradually as you can blend too far and end up with muddy eyeshadow with no real definition. Finally I’ll use Divinity again across my brow bones, below my eyebrows as a highlighter. 

Left to right: Divinity, Almond Truffle, Molasses Chip, Satin Sheets

Mascara and lipstick add the final touches. For this look I used the Lollipops Paris Ladycat’s Power Volume Mascara. It gives me super long lashes, but still with quite a natural defined look. For lipstick I wanted a more neutral colour, but not a nude. I feel this look needs a bit of pink to it. I love this Bigune lipstick in Beige Rosé, it’s a wonderful dusky, matte rose that goes with everything! 

Of course, I had to do a Dark Side inspired look too, it was inevitable. This look is really dramatic and I love it for an evening look, especially a night out. To start I will prime my eyelids, then take Dark Truffle and sweep it across the crease of both eyelids. This deep, rich brown will provide the definition of the look. Then I’ll take Earl Grey and pat it onto the middle and outer sections of my lids. This gunmetal blue will look slightly strange until you blend it with the brown, but I promise once it is blended it looks beautiful. Take Black Current and pull it along the lower lashes, I love how this emphasises my eye colour! Finally I take Café au Lait and pat it into the inner corners and use it to highlight along my brow bones. Then I blend gently to really bring the look together. 

Left to right: Dark Truffle, Earl Grey, Black Current, Café au Lait 

As this is a dramatic eye, I wanted lashes that would stand out more so I used the L’Oréal Miss Manga Punky Volume mascara. It gives my lashes so much volume and a wonderfully vintage spiky look! To pull the look together I needed a real show stopper of a lipstick. It was a hard debate, I hesitated between a matte red or a deep berry tone, in the end I chose a gorgeous plum colour. I love wearing MAC’s Satin in Media in the evenings, it goes on so smoothly and contrasts so well with pale skin! As an alternative Charlotte Tilbury’s So Marilyn is a great red for this look. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed these looks :-) Let me know if you have any great ideas for looks or plans for the day in the comments below. Aaaaaaannnnndddd, May the Fourth be with you! Sorry guys, couldn't resist...


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YSL and Benefit Mini-Haul

Monday, 2 May 2016

Hello everyone! 

The other day I was browsing in Sephora, as you do, and oops some treats just fell into my basket! I had actually been eyeing up these two products for a while, so why not? It's all for the good cause of providing reviews for you guys :-) 

I had heard rave reviews of the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks, so many people love these products and I have to say I can see why. It would be so easy to go mad and buy them all. The packaging alone makes them collectible. I think it is actually the best lipstick packaging I have ever seen. The classy gold bullets with the YSL wrought chain around them is simply beautiful, add to that the way the coloured band around the bullet reflects the colour of the lipstick and you have pure perfection. They aren't just a lipstick though, they are also an oil based lip treatment which nourishes the lips with 6 essential oils as well as having fantastic pigmentation. I have definitely fallen in love with these, just look at this colour! Y'all should go get one, right now! I went for the colour 41 Corail à Porter, which is a lovely peachy, coral pink, perfect for summer and so wearable as an everyday girly colour. 

I really struggle with eyeshadow primer, my eyes are so sensitive that all the cult classics like the Urban Decay potion primer make them puffy and sore! Which is such a shame, as it is a much raved about product. I tentatively tried some samples of Benefit Air Patrol and it worked like a dream! Maybe it's the BB cream element that makes it more gentle on my eyelids? Since I've been using it my eyeshadow stays on so well. The only thing is that it is quite hard to start using the product. Normally you turn the bottom part once for each eye so you have the perfect amount of product, but the first time I had to turn it so many times to get it to work! You have to be patient and wait for the product to start appearing out of the sponge tip, which is not great if you are low on patience. 

I love the packaging, with the old school US army pin-up theme, it looks so sleek and pretty. However, they have done the whole extra sticky out bit of cardboard on the packet again, which is so pointless! Never mind, it's the product that counts and I honestly couldn't recommend it more highly! 

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April Favourites

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Hello everyone! 

Where did the last month go?! I swear I only started March a couple of days ago. Well, never mind let’s get cracking with what I was loving through April. Let’s split it into hair, body, makeup and general life :-) 

Since I’ve been in Paris I have been going out more in the evenings to explore and meet new friends. It has been fabulous! However, the last thing you need on an evening out is flat hair. My favourite remedy for this is a good old texturising spray. Usually I like a sea salt spray, but this time I’ve been trying a mineral powder fixing spray on fluffed up hair. The L’Oréal Wild Stylers spray by is so lovely! I flip my head upside down, brush back my hair and then spray this in and I’m good to go. It doesn’t make my hair sticky or dry, but it lasts for hours! 

For body there are two products I have been really loving. The first is a new one to the Body Shop, they have out a new range of spa type products called Spa Of The World. They have three different scents, of the three I prefer the Hawaiian Kukui Cream smell as it is so heady and luxurious! The body lotion is so creamy and buttery on my skin. It applies super smoothly and soaks in incredibly quickly. My skin feels so soft and hydrated since I started using it. 

The second product is a kind of a group really. I have never seen the Ushuaia shower gels in the UK so I have been making the most of trying different scents while I’m here. So far I have tried three, but this pomegranate hydrating gel is my favourite. Pomegranate is my favourite fruit, so of course I would love it! The products have a neutral pH and have no parabens, making them very gentle on the skin. I feel so refreshed and awake after using these. 

Now onto makeup, that classic red lip from Charlotte Tilbury has to make an appearance! So Marilyn is a repeated favourite. It is so wearable, for both day and night, and the creamy texture makes it a joy to wear! I have featured this many times, so I won’t waffle on any more about it. 

Lately I have been doing a lot of night shifts and working very long hours. I think my eyes would have been suffering a lot more if I hadn’t been using Benefit’s Puff Off before I apply my makeup in the morning. The smooth gel and cooling iron tip have had such a soothing effect, reducing any soreness or puffiness just as the name suggests! 

Finally, I have been loving spending free time outside in the sun either reading or listening to music. If you were wondering about my deeply fabulous sunglasses…they are vintage, I picked them up in a little store in Bastille called Tilt Vintage a couple of months ago! 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below :-) P.S. Check out my Facebook here.

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