Battle of the Brows

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hello everyone,

For such a long time I left my eyebrows alone, thinking to myself "hey they're alright, they don't do much anyway". I was so wrong! About 2 years ago I started plucking them to give them some shape, nothing too drastic as I didn't want to look like a startled owl (I have quite big anime style eyes). Then I started filling them in with a wingtip eyeshadow brush and a warm brown shadow, but that was such a faff to do everyday when I was in a hurry to get to uni.

I looked at quite a few different eyebrow pencils, but none really matched my colour until I was on holiday in Germany with my partner and popped into Sephora. They had the perfect colour! My life was transformed, well the life of my eyebrows, but still.

I was quite content with my pencil and plucking, until one day rather recently. I went to London with my Mam for a girly day and she needed to get her eyebrows re-threaded and tinted. She goes to a small salon on Berwick Street around the corner from her office. I thought to myself "why the hell not, let's see what all the fuss about threading is"...

Oh my good lord did it hurt! That little piece of doom string zipping across my face, aaah it made me understand how Harry felt in The Prisoner of Azkaban when the dementor was pulling his soul out of his face. The ordeal wasn't over when the beautician put the thread down, oh no there was the tinting next! I have very sensitive eyes so the warm brown tint did sting a little bit, but it was bearable.

Looking in the mirror afterwards I saw that beauty is pain and in this case it was worth it, my eyebrows looked fabulous. Apparently it gets less painful everytime which is a consolation because I am now thoroughly addicted!

4 weeks later I am only just starting to need my pencil again, which is amazing really. The only issue now is that I have the pain of resisting the urge to pluck them while I wait for all the little hairs to grow back enough to be yanked out again. If you haven't tried this, the pain is worth it and only lasts a minute, while you may regret it during the process, by the end all those regrets will be washed away by your glorious brows!

Has anyone else tried it? Love it or hate it, let me know in the comments below :-)


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