April Reading Wrap Up

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Hello everyone! 

May is here! That means it should be Spring right? So where is the warm weather? Did I sleep through Spring and Summer or something? Well hopefully it'll be warm soon so we can bring on the summer contemporary romance books :-) 

April was an amazing reading month for me, I read a whole ton of books! If I'm honest I did cheat a little, by reading some short stories and graphic novels, but they were all part of series I needed to catch up on I swear. You might notice I did binge a lot of books by the same authors, I find it much easier to immerse myself in a fantasy world if I read all the books very close together. I like to live and breathe the world and its characters, it helps me connect with the story. 

My favourite of the month has to be Katherine Arden's The Girl In The Tower, which makes her my favourite author two months running. This book is the much anticipated sequel to The Bear And The Nightingale. It follows Vasya as she journeys across Russia trying to find her place in the world. Along the way she gets embroiled with savage bandits, treacherous politics and daring horse races. This would all be simply exciting, if there wasn't the added element of fear of discovery. Vasya has to masquerade as a man to survive. What will happen when her identity is revealed? And what is the gathering darkness in Moscow? Vasya will have to dig even deeper into her soul if she wants to save her people.

Now I hear you all shouting "Stop rambling and get on with the ratings", so without further ado here they are: 

  1. In The Village Where Brightwine Flows by Bradley Beaulieu - 4 Stars 
  2. The Doors At Dusk And Dawn by Bradley Beaulieu - 5 Stars 
  3. The Tattered Prince And The Demon Veiled by Bradley Beaulieu - 4.5 Stars 
  4. City Of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare - 5 Stars 
  5. Of Sand And Malice Made by Bradley Beaulieu - 5 Stars 
  6. City Of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare - 5 Stars 
  7. The Girl In The Tower by Katherine Arden - 5 Stars 
  8. Snotgirl #3 by Bryan Lee O'Malley - 3 Stars 
  9. Snotgirl #4 by Bryan Lee O'Malley - 3 Stars 
  10. Snotgirl #5 by Bryan Lee O'Malley - 3.5 Stars 
  11. Lumberjanes Vol. 1 by Noelle Stevenson - 4 Stars  

11 books you guys! How did I even achieve that?! I am beginning to think I might be a little too generous with my ratings or maybe I'm just lucky with the books I choose? Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to tell me what you read in April :-) 


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