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Thursday, 24 September 2015

On Monday I started back at university for my 4th year, saying that makes me feel like I’ve been at uni forever! I always like to plan in advance my outfit and makeup for the first day. It’s so important to feel confident, but also comfortable when you’re going to be seeing people again after a whole summer away. I am naturally very girly and I have always felt at my most comfortable in a dress or a skirt, so that is my go-to for a first day back outfit. I also like to make a bit of a statement the first day! 

I decided to go with this gorgeous burgundy dress from Miss Selfridge, it is a bold colour, but very autumnal and feminine. The top of the dress is fitted, but at the hips it swings out to give a nice float and swish as you move around. I paired this with some thin black tights and these gorgeous black suede brogues from a small boutique in France (I have forgotten the name!). For my hair, I decided to tie back the front and top with a small black lace bow clip, to give a semi-up-do feel to my hair, out of my face but still quite casual. I went with very simple jewellery, a lovely Vivienne Westwood watch in lime green and salmon pink tones, a gold bangle linked by a thin chain to a ring and my usual array of earnings.  

For a first day back at lectures I think it is important to be fairly natural with the makeup, especially as it is still early autumn and a fresh look will show off a summer tan very well. Plus it helps with the whole casual chic aim of this look. For my face I use the Benefit How to look the best at everything kit in light as a base, minus the powder, and Clarins Everlasting Foundation + in Ivory as foundation. I then use the Benefit Flawless powder in Ivory to set my makeup. My blusher is the old Benefit Coralista, I think the current shade for this has changed and is more bronzey, mine is quite old so is more of a coral/plum tone. Around the eyes I used two gold, one light and one more intense, shades from the Ted Baker Ballerina pallet. This gives a lighter version of the traditional smokey eye and catches the light to give a subtle glow. I love the mascara I’m using at the moment, it is the My Little Beauty mascara soin et volume and it give a fabulous length and curl to my lashes. I pencil in my eyebrows very lightly, just to give a bit of shape using the Sephora long lasting brow pencil in light brown 01. I also like to use the clear L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper gel mascara to maintain the shape throughout the day! Finally, I like to use the muted pink Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01 to provide a nice sheen, for a natural looking lip. 
I just thought I would share my first day back outfit with you all and let me tell you, it was such a good choice, I really appreciated the comfort of the dress and flat shoes after a 9-6 day in class! One piece of advice, avoid new or uncomfortably heeled shoes in your first week as you never know how much walking you might need to do! 
What did you guys wear on your first day? Or what have you planned to wear if you haven’t gone back yet? I would love to hear about it in the comments below :-)


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