Hattie enters the 21st Century

This blog post has been a long time in coming, but it's a little daunting you know, kind of like a shout into the void, you're never quite sure what response you'll get, if any really! But here I am, so go easy on me blogosphere (is it still cool to call it that?)...

I have long been someone who reads blogs and wishes I could be one of those people sat behind a computer writing witty, inspiring and fun things, so this summer I finally plucked up the courage to give it a go. 

I feel like I really should introduce myself before I get started, so here are 5 random facts about me: 

1. I have a teeny tiny (which means huge) obsession with cozy jumpers in the winter, the stranger the pattern, the better...
2. I LOVE putting cinnamon in scrambled eggs then eating them on crumpets. 
3. Purple is my favourite colour, in case you hadn't noticed. 
4. I have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy about a dozen times, I read them every exam season as a stress relief. 
5. I have known my best friend since the day I was born, and no, she isn't my twin or even related to me! 

Let me paint a picture for you, I'm just a girl sat at her desk, staring out the window and dreaming. I want my little corner of the internet to be a warm place filled with all the things that I like: beauty, cooking, books, lifestyle and nature :-) So welcome and I hope you enjoy. 


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