Manly Monday - Ted Baker Clerkenwell

Monday, 8 February 2016

Hello everyone, 

I’m back again for another Manly Monday! Maybe I should slow down on the posts so I don’t run out of content? Anyway, this week we trialled another Ted Baker gift set. This time the Clerkenwell Core Collection. 

Well, this lot certainly went down better than the last lot. Of the Ted Bakers this is the favourite as the fragrance has more a tangy tone to it. The anti-perspirant seems to be more effective at keeping a fresh scent throughout the day, although it does fade considerably, lasting a similar amount of time to the Redbridge range. The scent may be lighter, but a lovely aura persists and keeps away any sweaty stink. However, it still doesn't last the claimed 48 hours, but what product really does? 

The body wash was again the favourite, Mr.Gingersnap reported that it made him feel refreshed and energised every time he used it. The scent would make a lovely aftershave and he felt the matching anti-perspirant could just be used as a body spray as well. He much prefers this scent, with it being his favourite so far of all the products trialled. It's a pleasant day to day smell, but of all the brands Champney's is still the winner. He liked the completeness of the set and found the addition of a soap and flannel a nice change. The body spray and anti-perspirant could be considered a bit samey as they are very interchangeable, but this would be a positive if you really loved the scent. 

The packaging is less obviously masculine than the previous set, this time with a white, purple and orange theme running throughout. There are actually more products in this set: an anti-perspirant, a body spray, a body wash, a moisturising soap and a flannel. It really is the ultimate starter kit for male grooming. Mr.Gingersnap stated that he would go out and spend his own money on this, which really says something. 

I think this would make a really lovely gift set for that special someone, be that partner, son, friend or brother! We gave this 4/5 stars as you get a lot in the set and it serves many purposes. 

What is your favourite Ted Baker product? Let me know in the comments below :-) 



  1. I never used this product. But it seems to be good :) Thanks for sharing

    kisses from

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post :-) This set would make a lovely gift or treat!


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