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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hello everyone! 

So October is long gone and I didn't even notice. Honestly, I don't know where my head has been! Well actually I do, I've been up to my eyes in work and assignments. Buuuuttt that is no excuse for not blogging as much and I apologise guys. Today I wanted to tell you all about the delightful contents of the October My Little Box :-) 

My Little Box is a deeply fabulous french brand dedicated to concocting a monthly box of delights for us! October's box is the Brooklyn box, celebrating all things from that celebrated hipster hub of New York. For those of us wishing for a holiday, this box is a little peek into one! I think this might actually be one my favourite boxes yet, and yes I am aware I say that most times! This box is slightly edgier than the previous ones and bang on trend! 

The design on the front shows a woman wearing the just-this-minute fashionable mid length pleated, metallic skirt. I love this design, it is so current and stylish. I can hear you all shouting at me to just get on with talking about the contents, so let's dive into the box. There is the usual little magazine filled with fashion and beauty tips, this month interviewing Penélope Bagieu, a french writer who moved from Paris to Brooklyn, New York. A bit of a culture shock to say the least, but incredibly interesting to read about. 

Look how cute the pins are! 

The products this month were particularly good! This little mug is ideal for your morning tea or coffee, personally I'm a hot chocolate kind of girl. You can even use the special leaf stencil to dust your drink with cocoa powder to make it look like a Starbucks! Although, these mugs are enamel so you can't put them in the microwave...very important to know! 

I love the little cards that come with each box, I have a little arty wall of them above my desk for inspiration :-) 

The little canvas bags that come in each box have such a super cute design, I love using them for transporting my makeup on the go. However, I think the contents are infinitely more exciting, don't you agree? This month there is this lovely perfume from Courrèges, called La Fille de L'air. It has quite a strong citrus scent so I think I'll be applying this one lightly! It's a perfect summer to autumn transition fragrance, not too spicy, but also not too heavy on the florals. The nail serum is My Little Beauty's own brand product. This Save My Nails strengthening treatment will be such a god send this winter to help me keep my nails healthy and in good condition. I get such dry nails in the winter, it's what comes from working outside a lot *sigh*. 

I thought swatching the colour on here could look arty...

This khol eyeliner pencil in 15 Gold Ornament By Terry is so decadent! I love the way it is not simply a boring black liner, the fact that it is thick, bright gold is so perfect for the upcoming holiday season! It is also the ideal makeup staple to turn a simple, understated look into a style with much more wow factor. This colour would suit any eye colour and skin tone, and will really pull the emphasis to your gorgeous eyes :-) I have taken to wearing it every time I feel like spicing up my look a little. 

The final product is just as gorgeous as all of the above. These three pins are super cute and stylish. I love the matching green and gold collar pins! They work so well with a collared shirt in a light colour. I wear mine with my silky black and white dalmatian print shirt and a pinafore dress. They really complete the outfit, giving it that extra classy, put-together boost. The other pin is of a strawberry iced donut, my favourite kind of donut by the way. This one is super cute to put on a denim jacket or on a jean pocket :-) 

What do you think of this box? Have you got any tips for using these items? Let me know in the comments below :-) 


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