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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hello everyone! 

It's Sunday again so it's time to look at some samples! Lush is such a well loved shop throughout the entire world and the vast majority of beauty bloggers have written about them at some point. However, they are constantly updating their products to keep it fresh so it's worth popping in every now and again to check for new things :-) 

Having sensitive skin means that I like to try things out first as a sample before I buy them. The shop assistants are more than happy to provide samples where possible, especially for skin care. With the onset of winter I want to up my skin care game and really go all out for moisture. To achieve this I have turned to Lush, trying out two products this time. 

The first is the much acclaimed Dream Cream body lotion. This product is aimed at dryer skin or people suffering from mild eczema. I get a bit of hay fever related dry skin on the backs of my arms and I want to get rid of it and feel confident getting my arms out while I still can! The Dream Cream actually feels like cool silk when I rub it in, soaking in almost immediately and leaving my skin feeling soft and calmed for hours. It smells subtle and like most normal body lotions, being primarily made up of cocoa butter. It also has hints of rose oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and oat milk to help your skin feel soothed, yet invigorated. Since using this my skin has calmed down a lot and I am definitely planning on buying a full size tub. This is a real winner for me! 

The second sample is the Aqua Marina fresh cleanser. This cleanser is not a makeup remover, it's aimed at people cleansing in the morning, after a makeup free day or for when you do a double cleanse after taking off your makeup. This product feels quite luxurious and I am very much enjoying trying it out. I was slightly concerned that the seaweed would feel rough on my sensitive skin, but it is actually quite soothing. It smells a little odd, but it isn't unpleasant. I think it smells quite beach-like with the Irish moss seaweed, aloe vera and calamine powder. I could imagine Ariel and her mermaid sisters using this! It's soft on the skin and very rich, so I think I would make this an occasional product rather than an everyday cleanser. Maybe for every 2-3 day use for a deeper cleanse. 

Have you tried these products? Let me know what you think in the comments below :-) 


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