Basking In Baylis

Friday, 30 September 2016

Hello everyone! 

It's finally Friday! Now we all know that means it's time for some good pampering. I find the best way to relax in the evening after a long week is to do all my skin care and wash my hair using as many beautiful kinds of lotions and potions as possible :-) 

Recently I have been using this Baylis & Harding mini luxury set. This would make such a perfect little gift for someone. The packaging makes it look quite luxurious and inviting, nothing wrong with a little gold on the packaging! 

The actual products are really nice quality. I love the sweet mandarin and grapefruit scent, it's really refreshing without being too sweet. I've been feeling a bit stuffy this week and this scent is actually helping to clear my head a little. The shower gel is thick and lathers really well, the only thing is that I love it so much it probably won't last very long! 

The body lotion has the same scent and is ideal for putting on after a shower or a bath right before you go to bed. It's super creamy and smooth! However, it doesn't soak in that quickly so I would recommend using it as an evening cream. If you want to use it in the morning, make sure you take the time to let it soak in properly to avoid transfer to your clothes. 

Sorry this post was a little short, but I am off to pamper myself now! Have you tried these? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below :-) 


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