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Monday, 25 January 2016

Hello everyone, 

I thought that I might start doing a weekly or fortnightly post about products for men, this blog is very heavily weighted with products aimed at the female market! How accidentally exclusive of me, I am determined to change that! This type of post is designed to give you ideas for treats for yourself, a partner, a friend or family member. Everyone deserves a treat every now and again. Thank you to my wonderful partner for being the guinea pig of these products…no boyfriends were harmed in the writing of this post :-) 

Lets kick it off with the Champneys' sports range, obviously for men. The packaging is similar to Clarins' ranges for men, block colours of red and blue with gold font seem to be a favourite and I have to agree that they definitely look very smart. They make lovely looking gifts. 

Onto the products themselves, the set we have trialled is composed of a deodorant and a hair/body wash. Aimed at post-exercise showers and grooming they have a very refreshing citrus scent to them. The body wash was a particular hit, the scent is very masculine without being overpowering and lathers up like a dream. A small amount lathers up hugely, unlike some products where a lot is needed in one go. I definitely enjoyed the change in scent from farm animal to fresh lemons! 

The battered state of the bottle is testament to it's popularity! 

The deodorant was put through quite rigorous testing, being a farmer my partner’s job is very physical and he can sometimes be a bit smelly (I still love him regardless). For him it is important to find a deodorant that keeps him smelling fresh all day, through all the heavy lifting and long hours. He tested this product on quiet days first and it withstood the test, for the heavier work he found that it was better than a lot of others and definitely helped him feel fresher at the end of the day. Although the work did get the better of it towards the end! The scent is again very masculine and reminds me of a spring or brook, it has that outdoorsy lemongrass and fresh, clean water smell to it, mmmm lovely! 

Don’t be put off by it not lasting the whole day, when you work with cows there is little that can keep the smell away for ever! Mr.Gingersnap recommends these two products wholeheartedly and gave them 4/5 stars overall. 

If you have tried this brand or would like us to review another one let me know in the comments below :-) 


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